This charming venue, way beyond a regular club, is located just by the Plac Nowy in Kazimierz, the heart of Krakow's party district. During the day plays the role of a cosy cafe, where one can pop in to have a cup of fair trade coffee with latte art decoration. Later on, it undergoes an unbelievable metamorphosis, changing into a vibrant club with energetic music and flashing lights. And since a decent club can’t go exist without music, let’s not forget about getting the buzz on.

Entropia’s specialties are shots of infused vodka. They can create endless amounts of home-made flavours. One time, they boasted about making a Werther’s Original-flavoured one.

If shots aren’t your cup of tea go for Jagermojito. One way or another, Entropia is a must on any good pub crawling list!

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We enjoy convoy design, fair trade coffee, shots based on vodkas infused with natural ingredients and home-made syrups.

We're also into creative recycling, giving new life to europallets, old audio cassettes, corrugated boards...

Our guests are incorrigibly HAPPY people with open minds and broad horizons…